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Marble 77 offers a variety of health care plans to choose from, including medical, dental, life, and specialty programs. Choosing the right plan is an important decision and we want to ensure that you get the type of coverage you need.

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Today, healthcare is more promising and, at the same  time,  more complicated. Access to needed care can be difficult and costs continue to rise. This is especially true for those individuals who are considered "high risk" because of their medical conditions. These individuals may not be able to obtain adequate coverage, and are often asked to pay high premiums for minimum protection.


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Life Insurance Introduction
There is two major kinds of life insurance: Term Life Insurance and Whole Life which today is synominous with Universal Life. Marble77 mainly recommends Term Life Insurance. Marble77 promotes Term Life Insurance because it is low price quality life insurance and its premium can be fixed and guaranteed for up to 30 years.
For a Quote/Term Life Insurance call:
800-890-0797. (California residents only).

We also advise to have Life Fund by Allianz. It is based on Universal Life Insurance but it protects against disability, major illness, chronically illness, death and can provide a lifetime marvelous retirement Income.

No Med Life Insurance

 •  Easy 20-year Level Term Policy:
 Just 4 Medical Questions for approval.
 • Competitive Rates Guaranteed for 20 Years, and
 guaranteed renewable to age 95
 • Free USD5,000 Child Rider Coverage for 
 Base Policies
 • Affordable Life Insurance from a financially sound
 years old company-NO DELAY, INCONVENIENCE 
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