JeanPaul's graphics are about other worlds. They depict space events, fantastic designs, uttermost abstraction, fantasies of the mind, incredible color combinations & dreams. They show the deepest & most remote recesses of the human brain, spirit & soul. There are shapes we never dreamed of & awesome forms & objects.

  Everything is original, they represent a world of the future-they show other worlds beyond our reachable systems.

  JeanPaul wants to make his creations available to you. Click on them to see them by themselves-magnified. You can order them on CD-ROMs, malleable, formable the way you like to display them.

  Beautiful graphics 4 those with imagination, gorgeous 4 use w/ children or for children. These pictures will soon be invaluable due to their uniqueness & novelty.  All Designs are Copyright Protected & Trade Marked accordingly under US & applicable Laws.

All designs are copyright protected. The designs must  not be used 4 business purposes like logos etc. 
ShockWave Player required to view Larger pictures

subdemo, global view from space (station) hand drawn w/ FX computer influenced
GPS inspired
Price: $330.00

Blaues original marble77 graphics computer generated graphically sound

Price $295.00
EYZsd idea for space projections hand-drawn w/ FX computer influenced futuristic

Price $335.00
Gradiesd world to come computer generated underwater & space realism

Price $300.00
Huggeraind concept for mental telepathy original hand-drawn infinite detail w/ added digit realism
Price $375.00
  Indian Kind
Indain Kind abstracted FX computer graphics macrocosmic impressions

Price $325.00

  Indian ertanzes
Indian ertanzes alien intrusions computer rendering SX tm w/ hints of humanoid

Price $325.00
Orangeisd space fantasy specters in void shades
(influences) of space relation
Price $295.00
Rots 4th dim rouge & blue illusions ---- eternal radiance, luminous energy
Price $325.00
Troesies mountaneous heights in captivating
colours fantasty worlds
Price $315.00

Wiled american car fixation california dreaming blown tubbt tricky
Price $270.00

Yelisd colour metric quality pulsar outburst endless duration
Price $335.00

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