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Facts about disability

•  Every 2 seconds...someone is
   injured in an accident.
•  Every 4 seconds...someone is
    injured in an accident at home.
•  Every 5 seconds...someone Is
    injured off the job.
• Every 5 seconds...someone is
  injured in a traffic accident.
• Our only asset is our time. As long as we can make our time available we have an income or earnings. But, once we cannot work, because of an illness or injury, our income stops. Unless we create our own disability income, we have no income.
•  So. set aside a few dollars a month and we’ll create a disability income policy for you. It will provide money for food, clothing, transportation, fuel, utilities, doctor bills, dental bills and house payments.
•   Where Marble 77 comes in
Marble77 acts as an independent advisor to our clients. Therefore, our staff finds the right kind of coverage that fits your needs based on your occupation, health and income. That’s our commitment to you.

   Applications: No Medical Life Insurance  Get a Quote

   Deciding what type of Life insurance Policy Is right for you, and what face amount you    need
   This is totally up to each person. Some people already know what type of coverage the    need, some people need to see what is right for them.

   •  Completing the Life Insurance Application This is a very simple step and shouldn’t take    more than 10.15 minutes. You can do it online with Marble77s online application center.
   •   Medical Exam Once we receive your application you can expect to get a call from the    Paramed Company to schedule the exam. This usually takes 5-7 days. The exam itself    takes1 less than 20 minutes. If an EKG is required it will take a little longer.
   •   Underwriting of your Policy
   Once the results of your medical exam are received by
   the Insurance Company it usually takes them around a month to underwrite your    application.
   •   Completing of your Policy
   Once your application is approved, the Insurance Company then prints out your policy.    This step usually takes 2.3 days

   •   Mailing your Policy
   Once your policy has been printed it is usually mailed to MARBLE77 in 2-3 days, After we    receive your policy, we review it to make sure that all the information is correct and we    mail it to you.

   •   Overall Time
   The overall timeline from your application being taken to the time your policy goes into    force is around 45 days. You can be sure that our experienced team will do everything on    our side, to expedite this process.

   Long Term Care, Why you need it.

   •  Long Term Care policies provide benefits for care at your home, intermediate care and    at nursing facilities. The cost for Long Term Care can be staggering and more than    USD5,000 per month and would deplete life savings and assets quickly. But the probability    of this happening is high and real.
   •  Marble77 can provide wonderful products to give you peace of mind and protection. In    effect they would often make it possible to stay at home during those trying times and    stay independent rather than having to go to a nursing home.
   •  They would also protect your children from financial loss.
   Contact Marble 77: Telephone: 800-890-0797

   Get a quote, call 800-890-0797 (California residents only)

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