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In our commitment to excellence, MARBLE 77 works only with insurance companies that have an A.M. Best A rating.

Their function is to provide life insurance companies with the necessary information to underwrite your policy based upon your medical profile at the time of exam. An appointment is made with Paramedic, a nationally recognized examination company independently contracted with all major life insurance companies.

  What can I expect and how long will it take? A paramedical exam consists of some questions about your medical history, measurements of your height and weight, blood pressure and pulse. A urine specimen will always be collected during a paramedical exam. The tests done are determined by the insurance company and are performed by a laboratory. The test results will be sent only to the Insurance Company and are used in the underwriting process.
   What happens to this information?
All of the Information obtained during the paramedical examination is strictly confidential and for insurance purposes only. It will be forwarded to the insurance company for review to help evaluate your individual policy.
   Why is blood testing required?
Blood testing has been found to provide important
information for underwriting purposes. A wide range of tests are completed by a laboratory and the results are sent only to the insurance company.
   How much blood is required?
Less than one ounce of blood is drawn from a vein, Into
1.3 vials, by experienced personnel. You may be required to fast 4-12 hours depending upon the requirements of the insurance company. You should advise your examiner if you have had previous problems such as fainting, nausea, are currently taking large doses of aspirin, have difficulty clotting or bruise easily.
  Can I get an Infectious disease from this blood draw?
No. The sterile materials used are in disposable kits and used only once. The examiner will open the kit in front of you as well as show you the seal being broken on the sterile needle.
   What tests will be completed?
Each individual insurance company selects the tests they need for the underwriting procedure. Paramedic Is requested only to collect and prepare blood for analysis; the Insurance company gives instructions to the lab regarding specific tests. You are required to sign a consent form and a chain of custody form for
your own protection.

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance 
Your home might very well be your largest asset.
Protect it and keep it for your family should you die.

Homeownership is like a :teeter-toter". When one jumps off the other one falls off.

For just a small amount a day you will get peace of mind and create protection for your family. Marble77 suggests to insure both husband and wife.

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