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“MarbIe77 and Blue Cross of California . a winning combination. Check Out a New Approach to Health Care. Match your comfort level and personal needs with PlanScape’s flexibility in choosing: Price, Features, Provider Access.

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For 20 years we have been providing our valued customer with the lowest cost life and health insurance products available with simple, straight talk.  Now marble 77 has added Disability Retirement annuities and Long Term Care plans to offer you more and better options to protect yourself and  your  family.
• Keep it simple
• Customer satisfaction is Number One
• Obtaining insurance coverage should
   be a pleasant experience
• Protecting our customers' privacy
   and confidentiality is essential
• Customers are entitled to receive
   prompt and courteous service
To understand your needs and provide you with the best possible coverage at the best price

• To save you money
• To gain your trust
• To empower you with information
   and data that will enable
you to make highly informed decisions
• To add you to our growing list of happy, satisfied customers.
In our commitment to excellence, MARBLE 77 works only with insurance companies that have an A.M. Best Rating of A or

better. We do this in order to offer you coverage with the industry's leaders. Below you will find an explanation of A.M. Best Rating.  A rating report from the A. M. Best Company represents and independent opinion from the leading provider of insurer ratings of a company's financial strength and ability to meet its obligations to policyholders.

The A. M. Best Company is the oldest, most
experienced rating agency in the world and has
been reporting on the financial condition of insurance companies since 1899. Best's rating represent the current and independent opinion of a company's financial strength and ability to meet obligations to its policy holders.

A. M. Best assign one of the following best's Rating
to each insurance company:
• Superior A and A
• Excellent A and A-
• Very Good B and B
• Fair B and B-
• Marginal C and C
• Weak C and C-
• Poor D
• Under Regulatory Supervision E
• In Liquidation F
• Rating Suspended S
NOTE: These rating descriptions only apply to the current year's rating.


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